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Conner Prairie presents Chautauqua Series - Exploring Explorers

In celebration of National Great Outdoors month, we’ll take in the awesome environs of Conner Prairie’s grounds. Starting off with cocktails, light appetizers, and some play at our Treetop Outpost, we’ll hear about the chilling arctic exploration by one of Indiana’s own. We’ll investigate the edible wild abundance offered by nature (and do a little tasting!) and finish by putting your adventurous explorer skills to the test in an orienteering competition with a great grand prize!


Chautauquas are special evenings that marry education and entertainment, thoughtfulness and humor, food and drink – all based on a chosen theme.  Each guest will receive a signature cocktail based on the evening’s topic (cash bar also available), enjoy themed light appetizers, and participate in a variety of edutainment presentations designed to engage the brain.


Theodore Roosevelt called it "the most American thing in America" – an event that provided the opportunity to gather for cultural development as a shared community. Named for the town in New York where the first large assembly took place, a Chautauqua presented lecturers, entertainers, scientists, and politicians to the public, offering knowledge and fellowship that might otherwise be out of reach in less metropolitan areas. From its humble beginnings, the movement spread across the U.S., fostering traveling "Sister Chautauquas" that brought provocative thought, scholarship, and entertainment to people for over fifty years.


Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Chautauquas are for ages 21 and older only.