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Fulton County Health Department addresses public concerns about today's meeting

Fulton County Health Department President Harry Webb released the following statement regarding today's scheduled meeting:

The Heath Dept meeting today is NOT closing down any businesses or forcing curbside pickup. It is simply to discuss an enforcement policy for Retail Food Establishments with the regards to following Governor Holcomb’s executive order(s).  When the Health Department receives a complaint, this policy will outline the steps the staff needs to follow with regard to the complaint. 


One of the Department’s main goals is educational. The Health Dept is working very hard to contain the spread of this virus so we can keep our schools, businesses and restaurants open.


The Governor’s order has specific requirements such as wearing face masks and maintaining space between seating areas and social distancing that should be followed so we can slow the spread of this virus. New effective treatments are being developed and vaccines should be available in the spring that will protect the most vulnerable. If we can come together as a community and follow his orders we may be able to slow the spread down.


We are all tired of the restrictions this pandemic has placed on all of us. But this virus is unrelenting and it is spreading rapidly among people that ignore these guidelines. Today’s meeting at 1pm is not a public hearing. But the public is allowed to attend up to the limited capacity of the meeting room.


Social distancing will be maintained. Face masks covering the nose and mouth will be required. For the protection of all, the meeting will be brief.


Harry Webb

President Fulton County Health Dept