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Full Tilt Arts honors the Potawatomi with Main Street mural

Full Tilt Arts artists Christine Walsh and Erica Coffing wrapped up Rochester's newest mural honoring the native Potawatomi tribe Saturday, September 18, just in time for the 46th Annual Trail of Courage Living History Festival. 


Like all great art, the finished product had several changes and transformations from the original idea and rough draft Christine started with. 



The changes embraced the dark reality of what the Trail of Death was about and features the number of steps taken from Indiana to Kansas. It also features the traditional beadwork on moccasins, as well as a silhouette replica that is a feature on the mile markers along the Trail of Death. 



Erica Coffing says the project struck a long-time passion the artist has had since childhood and was honored to work alongside Christine. 


More information about the mural and its origin can be found posted on site beside the art on the East Alley on Main Street between Seventh and Eighth Street.


Full Tilt Arts has one more project to complete in Rochester this year. Christine and Erica are planning another Potawatomi tribute behind Webb's pharmacy, on a low wall on West Eighth St.