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Rochester Meats and Deli continue legacy of Linc Townsend

(Photographed from left: Wanda Townsend, Blayne Townsend, Corbin Townsend and Lisa Townsend.)


Rochester Meats and Deli has been in the Townsend family for three generations at 901 E 9th Street. The recent passing of owner Linc Townsend on November 4, sent ripples of condolences and support through Rochester. The local outpouring has showed just how much of an impact small business owners make in a tight knit community. 


Linc's son, Blayne Townsend said the interpersonal relationship they share with their customers is the difference between their deli and a big-box store. Blayne said to Linc, his customers were like family. 



Blayne said his father's values are something he will continue and pass on. He and his wife Corbin Townsend, who is 39 weeks pregnant, are expecting their first child any day now. A bitter sweet timing to the start of the Townsend's fourth generation.


One main value Linc always emphasized, family first. 



Rochester Meats and Deli hope to continue the family tradition for many years to come.