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Fulton County Solid Waste District reminds community to sort their recycling

The Fulton County Solid Waste District reminds the community to please sort their recycling.




The holidays make for an even busier time for the district's employees. Executive Director Stacy Hart asks everyone tp pay extra attention to the signs posted and rinse all their items before throwing them in the bins.


Also, Hart asks everyone to keep in mind that ribbon, bows and foil wrapping paper are not recyclable and belong in the trash. 



Hart says those not following directions can contaminate the entire bin, ruining everything. If in doubt, please call and ask for more information at 574-223-4939.



Hart said they appreciate all the ones who do do their part in sorting and rinsing their recycling. They have eight drop-off sites throughout Fulton County. 



The site that seems to keep giving them the most problems is the site on Wabash Ave. Hart says cameras have been installed to try and discourage problems.  Footage of those dumping at any of the sites can be turned over to police.