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Residents looking to get broadband urged to participate in Indiana Farm Bureau Internet speed test by Jan 18

Pulaski County has ranked near the bottom of the state  (83rd of 92) in access to broadband internet service. Because of this, the Pulaski County Broadband Task Force is urging every resident in Pulaski County to perform the Indiana Farm Bureau Internet speed test.


The mission of the Task Force is to bring broadband service to everyone, despite the location. The test is not just for those in Pulaski County and is available to anyone in the state of Indiana. RTC Communications is also actively seeking grants to build fiber to as many people in Fulton County and urges its residents to participate in the test as well. 


The Speed Test can be performed from this website ( from a computer or mobile device connected to your home’s internet connection. If you don’t have access to internet, you can also state that on the form.


This free test will help gather critical information used to access state and federal funding for broadband projects that will directly benefit residents. Testing only takes a few minutes to perform. 


While the test can be taken at any time, both Pulaski County Broadband Task Force and RTC Communications are asking it be completed by January 18 so that two proposed Fiber To The Home (FTTH) projects have this information to bolster their application.