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Kokomo couple arrested after school reports child bruised and malnourished

A Kokomo couple was arrested recently on charges of child abuse, after a nine-year-old girl was reported by the school to be neglected to the point of being malnourished, with bruises all over her body. 


The girl, who weighed just 48.5 pounds, was taken to a local hospital by school officials where Kokomo Police detectives then began the investigation. According to the affidavit, along with the bruises, the child reportedly had several bones protruding, and appeared unbathed with stained, dirty clothing.  


The child confided in an Indiana Department of Child Services worker that both Seats and Smith took turns beating her with a belt. She also stated Seats grabbed her by her throat to choked her and held her against a wall. It was reported Seats also had also slammed her head into a door, and scared her to the point she urinated after he threatened to hit her in the head with a hammer. 


According to the affiavit, a medical examination reported bruises and abrasions on both of the girl's knees, her right and left thighs, right hip and stomach area, her chin and several bruises on her neck. Kokomo Police took Tracy A. Seats, 32, the girl's father, and Amy D. Smith, 38, into custody. Both Seats and Smith face charges of one count each of domestic battery with serious bodily injury, neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury and domestic battery with bodily injury.


Seats was previously charged with neglect in 2019 on a seperate investigation. He originally spoke with an officer and commented on the bruises, but later changed the story and stated he did not know anything about them. 


Seats faces additional charges with intimidation using a deadly weapon and strangulation. All charges are felonies. The couple is scheduled to appear before a jury in the Howard Superior Court September 30.