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Fulton County ARPA funding approved; $1.5 million distributed

A recommendation from the ARPA Funding Committee has received approval from the Fulton County Commissioners and the Fulton County Council.


County Council President Phyl Olinger read off the recipients that were recommended for ARPA funds.



Here is the list as well.


$150,000 – RTC for broadband expansion

$150,000 – Akron Revitalization Committee (ARC) for two big needs

$150,000 – Town of Fulton for major needs

$150,000 – Town of Kewanna

$150,000 – Leiters Ford Community Building for upgrades

$150,000 – Nyona/South Mud Lake Conservancy District for sewer needs

$150,000 – 4-H Fairgrounds for repairs and maintenance to amphitheater and buildings

$90,000 – $30,000 Habitat for Humanity to finish the new house at 7th/Fulton Ave. and $60,000 for  a storage building

$50,000 – Fulton County United Way for building repairs and upgrades

$60,000 – Kewanna Public Library for technical equipment

$250,000 – Employee Bonuses of $2,000 for Fulltime employees/$1,000 for part-time employees


A total of $1,500,000 was approved by the council.