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Third generation seamstresses continue tradition with Rochester Mending and Alterations

A stitch in time, sewing has been a family tradition for more than three generations in Ebony Nava's family.


Owner of Rochester Mending and Alterations, 706 Main St, Ebony and her sister, Ivory Nava, opened the sewing and repair shop in May, 2021.




More than a year already into the business, the sisters are keeping busy during the two days a week their Rochester store is open.


The shop provides mending and altering for everything from clothing, shoes, leather, furniture and even marine covers. Recently, picking up drycleaning service has boosted business even more.  Soon, they hope to provide custom shoe making as well. 




Outside the Rochester shop and helping with their brother's commercial landscaping business 'Micah and Brothers,' the sisters live a lifestyle with as little electricity as possible.


Inspired slightly by religion, but more by survival and health, Ebony said she values the traditional lifestyle and things that have worked for thousands of years over manmade conveniences. She hopes to eventually do workshops for things like health and whole grain lessons, that teach others how they do things naturally.


The family, who grinds their own grain and no longer shops at grocery stores, claims their lifestyle keeps them healthy and that they never get sick. 



Living in Argos, Ebony says she actually wanted to live in Rochester, but is thankful to still be apart of the community with her business.