Cardinal Services Inc merges to new office in downtown Rochester

Since 1954, Cardinal Services Inc of Indiana has provided resources, support, and guidance to individuals in the area living with Intellectual disabilities. 


Started by parents in need of support in Kosciosko County, the small group created an organization that has filled a big gap in the past six decades, taking the disabled out of the shadows and into the community. Cardinal Services provides programs that help their clients feel valued, including skill training for individuals with disabilities, support for children, families, and transportation.


Now expanded to 10 counties in Indiana, the organization with a staff of roughly 380 employees, help 6,500 people each year.


Celebrating their grand opening of the newest office in downtown Rochester with a ribbon cutting last week, Cardinal Services Inc of Indiana continues to grow, offering more services now than ever before.  



Breaking stigmas and raising awareness, Cardinal Services Inc Residential Assistant Director Jacki Pawski says the organization continues to cultivate change in not only the lives of their clients, but also in the mindset of others in the community. 




Fostering life skills and independence, Pawski says the ultimate goal for the organization is to help clients and their families live a life as close to a normal as possible.