Pulaski Co. correctional officer charged in relationship with inmate

A correctional officer in Pulaski County has been charged for a relationship with an inmate.

On Friday, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office received information that a Pulaski County Correctional Officer was in a possible relationship with an inmate.

On Sunday, Pulaski County Deputy Matt Pickens began an investigation into the allegations. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department stated in a press release that Deputy Pickens conducted several interviews and reviewed jail camera footage, some of which contained audio recordings of conversations between the correctional officer and the inmate. It was determined after review of the footage and audio recordings that the allegations of a possible relationship between the inmate and officer were accurate.

On Sunday evening,  the correctional officer arrived at the jail to begin her evening shift. Deputy Pickens met her inside the jail and escorted the correctional officer to conduct an investigative interview. During this interview, it was discovered that the officer had brought controlled substances into the Pulaski County Jail and given them to the inmate. She also confirmed a relationship between herself and the inmate was planned upon his release.

Stacy R. Small was booked into the Pulaski County Jail and then transported to the White County Jail for safe keeping.

Small arrested was charged with Trafficking with an Inmate – Level 5 Felony, and Official Misconduct – Level 6 Felony.