Walorski's vehicle found to be at fault in August crash

The final report on the August 3 two-car crash that killed U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski has been released.


And it has determined Walorski's car was at fault.


According to the release from the Elkhar County Sheriff's Office Walorski's car was left of center and traveling at an excessive speed at the time of the crash.  Staff member Zachery Potts was driving the Toyota RAV-4 with staff member Emma Thompson and Walorski as passengers.


Walorski's vehicle accelerated to pass a flat-bed truck while traveling northbound on State Road 19.  It collided with a southbound car drive by Edith Schmucker of Nappanee.  All four people were killed.


Crash reconstructionists investigated the scene.  With their report and information obtained from the airbag control module, it was determined the RAV-4 was traveling 82 miles-per-hour just before the crash.


The report does indicate that there was no cell phone activity reported from the people in the Walorski vehicle leading up to the crash.


All four deaths have been officially ruled accidental.