Rochester couple shocks loved ones with surprise wedding

When Eric Crispen and Carla Smiley started planning their wedding last year, they knew they wanted to keep it lowkey. Taking it to a new extreme, the couple decided to not even tell their wedding guests until they were standing at the altar. 



Inviting guests to their house on West 9th Street for an 'open house' to show off their new home renovations, the only ones who knew about the wedding were their children, and a select few friends that Carla had spilled the secret to. 



Already prepared with food, drinks and a canopy set up for dinner, the ceremony started after their ordained son-in-law, Josh Groom, ushered family and friends to the lawn for a 'toast' that ended with the couple saying, 'I do.'


Wendy Reinartz, a close friend who helped reintroduce the couple, was one of the guests who were left in shock.