LaPorte County father pleads guilty to murder of 4-year-old Judah Morgan

A La Porte County father has pleaded guilty  in the death of his 4-year-old son, Judah Morgan, after Judah was found murdered last October at their home in rural Hamlet.


Alan D. Morgan, 29, admitted to committing murder and battery on Wednesday in court. In return prosecutors agreed to take off 'life without parole' as a possible sentence. The charges of neglect of a dependent and animal cruelty were also dropped. 


The defense agreement also resolved an additional case with Morgan, who pleaded guilty to resisting law enforcement. Charges related to drug possession, reckless driving and operating a vehicle under the influnce were all dropped. 


On October 11, 2021, La Porte County Sheriff Deputies were called to Morgan's home, after a call around 2:45 am about a report of an unconcious child. Shortly after, Judah's body would be discovered in a back room nude, covered in bruises, and wrapped in a blanket. 


According to charging documents, after failing to make contact, deputies responding to the 911 call entered the residence through an unlocked door. Reporting the home to be in disarray and smelling of the rotten food, trash, and animal feces that was strewn about, officers also discovered an extremely malnourished dog in a locked crate. Three other children were also found in the home unharmed and sleeping, but alone. Unfortunately for little Judah, he would be pronounced dead at the scene. 


Court documents stated the 4-year-old was sent to the basement as punishment for not being potty-trained like his other siblings, typically three times a week. It was reported the unfinished basement was cold, dark and without working lights. Judah would be kept in the basement for a few days at a time, often enduring horrific abuse, and withheld food and water. 


The child's mother, Mary Yoder, 26, is also faces charges of  neglect resulting in death. Yoder is due back in court in December. Morgan's sentencing is set for November 29.