Sult Family Medicine, Fulton County's first direct primary care practice

Board certified family physician Dr. Jennifer Sult took a big leap when she officially opened her own practice this past August at 710 East 9th St in Rochester.


Born and raised in Fulton County, Sult decided to return to her roots to follow her passion for helping others after medical school. Hired to practice at Woodlawn Hospital in 2008, the 'big corporation feel' wasn't what Sult had been looking for when wanting to become a doctor. 



Leaving Woodlawn in 2020, Sult had taken the past two years to create her own practice where she was more in control and able to have a better relationship with her patients, bringing a new model of health care to Fulton County.


Promising her patients convenient care, Sult says her practice provides same day or next day appointments, as well as access to Sult via phone, text, or video. Patients pay a small monthly fee for service that you would expect at your family doctor. Membership costs vary, but the monthly fee means no primary care fees or co-pay and unlimited visits.  Unlike an urgent care facility, Sult Family Medicine does not provide one time visits. 



Sult's primary care includes in-office procedures like injections, suturing, EKG, minor skin problems and more, plus after hours access to access to a physician and significantly cheaper labs and prescriptions. Transparent about pricing, Sult says her patients will never have surprise bills when leaving her office.



With no long term contracts and unprecedented medical access for the area, Sult said she has gotten new patients daily, and spots are filling up fast. Sult does plan to cap her limit, and will stop accepting new patients once she gets 700.