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RTC announces first project completion of fiber optic build out expansion in Fulton County

RTC celebrated its first completed project in their Next Level Connections fiber build out to all of Fulton County on Wednesday in Leiters Ford.


Having recently completed fiber builds in the towns of Macy, Burket, Silver Lake and Mentone, RTC Fiber Communications is now engaged in several fiber expansion projects throughout Fulton, Marshall and Pulaski Counties.


On May 5, 2022, RTC was awarded six grants from Next Level Broadband Connections Round 3 in the amount of $14,852,523. These funds will aid RTC in being able to pass an additional 4,954 homes with fiber.


The total cost of these projects are estimated to be over $25 million. RTC made the decision to move forward with this endeavor because we feel it is what’s right for the longevity and economic viability of Fulton County and the surrounding area. All of Fulton County and parts of Pulaski and Marshall will have access to speeds up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps).

RTC Fiber Communications is now installing fiber broadband and voice services to customers in the town of Leiter’s Ford. The completion of this project makes fiber available to over 130 Leiter’s Ford residents and businesses. RTC is on track to complete fiber builds for the town of Kewanna by the end of 2022, bringing fiber to another 360 customers.


RTC’s expansion represents a vote of confidence in how we have grown over the past several years, with our Board and Shareholders reiterating this confidence through strong support of the communities we serve as well as, our management team and employees.


RTC is extremely thankful of the support we have received from our current and future fiber communities. Bringing fiber to rural Indiana would not be possible without the support of those living within these communities.

“We are so excited!” - says Sheila Ruhnow, Leiters Ford Tavern Owner and our 1st customer installed.

There were many businesses involved in helping make this project happen. We appreciate each and every one. RTC President, Joe McCarter, also thanked OCRA (Office of Community & Rural Affairs), “they’ve done a great job administering this grant. Without them choosing us and our county, we wouldn’t be standing here today”.