RTC Fiber Communications continues fiber broadband network passing more than 200 homes in the Town of Fulton

Fulton, Indiana is the third town that RTC Fiber Communications has built fiber
broadband service to since OCRA & NLC awarded grant money to RTC back in May 2022.


More than 200 residents & businesses in Fulton are able to get fast reliable fiber internet service.

“RTC is excited to be able to serve the town of Fulton with high speed fiber internet. The support of the Town of Fulton’s Board as well as the library and other local businesses has been huge,” said Joe McCarter, President of RTC Fiber Communications.

Fulton is the tenth town that RTC Fiber Communications now serves within the surrounding area. Rural areas around Leiters Ford, Kewanna, Fulton & Akron are scheduled for completion of fiber broadband by the end of 2024.


The Town of Fulton has mainly been serviced with a Fixed Wireless service provided by RTC Fiber Communications.


We are excited to provide cutting-edge technology with speeds up to 1GB to residents to allow them the ability to stream, work or go to school from home or have smart-home devices installed. Providing such high speeds also allows businesses to be more efficient and competitive within the community.