Cass County, Logansport adjust animal control agreement

Cass County and the city of Logansport have been working together for over two years to arrive at a viable solution for the housing of aggressive, lost or abandoned animals.

The county and city have had an agreement sharing resources for animal control for several years. Cass County provides all equipment and vehicle while Logansport provides the personnel for staffing.

The discussions for the last two years a result of the Cass County Humane Society doing business as Pets R Us being at capacity and unable to accept animals when needed. Cass County recently reached an agreement with Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver. Logansport is continuing to utilize Pets R Us.

As a result of the new agreement, all canines found or collected outside of the city by Cass County Animal Control will be taken to Vohne Liche unless the animal can be immediately returned to the identified owner. The animal will be held at Vohne Liche for 15 days. After that period, if the animal isn’t claimed it will become the property of Vohne Liche Kennels.

Residents who lose a canine are encouraged to post the animal on social media. They can also contact Cass County Central Dispatch at 574-722-6060 to be connected with the county’s animal control officer.  The animal control officer will work with the administrators of the lost animal / pets Facebook page to post located canines. A release will be provided for a canine to be retrieved from the contracted kennel, if appropriate.

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