Beth Stocking recaps Rochester clerk-treasurer Election Day victory

Fulton County Republicans celebrated two victories with the two city contested races in Rochester.

For Beth Stocking, Rochester's next clerk-treasurer, the win came as a welcoming surprise. Stocking said the hardest part is behind her now that she's able to put the election in the past. 



On Tuesday, Stocking received a total of 364 votes, narrowly defeating incumbent Shoda Beehler by 15 votes.

Prior to Election Day, early vote totals had showed Democrat incumbent Shoda D. Beehler leading Stocking 136 to 122. Things took a turn on Tuesday, however, when Stocking edged out the win after including mail-invotes, receiving 21 VBM to Beehler's 19. Stocking had gained 221 votes, giving her the win against Beehler's 194. 



Stocking said that now the election is over she's able to focus on learning the ropes and being prepared for 2024.