Milford bid awarded over Rochester contractor for Culver paving projects

The Culver Town Council approved a bid for work on the list of paving projects within a Community Crossings Matching Grant Program fund award.

The bids were opened during a recent meeting. Phend & Brown out of Milford provided a bid of $302,040, and E&B Paving of Rochester submitted a bid of $350,690.

The bids were taken under advisement during the meeting before being awarded to Phend & Brown.

The Culver paving projects include Academy Road from State to Town Limits East, Academy Road from Slate to School, Lakeview from Washington to College, Lake Street from Lake Shore to Washington, Jefferson Street from Main to Slate, Marmount from Main to Slate, Tampa from Main to Nueva Gorda, and Cardinal which will be a mill to end and lots.