Life Care Center of Rochester staff provide compassionate medical care for residents who become like family

This week's National Skilled Nursing Care Week shines a special spotlight on individuals who reside, work, and volunteer in nursing homes.

Established by the American Health Care Association in 1967, the week brings awareness to facilities that previously were often a place considered 'out of sight, out of mind,' to the outside world. 

Nursing homes, also called skilled nursing facilities, are essential to those with health conditions who need 24/7 medical care. What many don't realize, is that many of the residents also rely on the staff for not only medical needs, but for emotional support and companionship, as well. 

Paula Moore has been working at Life Care Center of Rochester for the past 40 years. She said that ensuring residents have their needs met both physically and emotionally is essential for keeping their dignity and hope. 

Moore started in 1984 at the same facility she currently works at in Rochester. During her early years as a CNA, Moore said the nursing facility was called 'Canterbury Manor.'

Staying through the transistions, Moore saw both her career and the nursing home grow once Life Care Center of Rochester took over. 

Eventually becoming an LPN and working the floor as a nurse for many years, Moore is now a nursing manager and Life Care Center of Rochester's Health Information Management Director. 

A career that's been as long as it has been rewarding, Moore said she takes pride each day ensuring residents receive the quality care that they deserve. 




Moore said that working in long-term care for the past four decades has also taught her about more than just healthcare and empathy.  The unique wisdom gained from each resident, and their unique life story, is something Moore cherishes. 

Moore said residents often become like family to her. Losing her grandparents at a young age, Moore said she treats each resident as if they were her own.

Not only has that built trust with her residents, but it has also built trust with the company she works for. 




Life Care Center of Rochester Marketing and Admissions Manager Amber Basham has also been at the facility for several decades. Basham says seeing each resident as an individual with unique needs and life stories is important.

Also, having had a close relationship with her grandparents while growing up, seeing all residents at Life Care Center of Rochester maintain their dignity and quality of life is important to Basham. 



Basham says as much as the staff becomes family to each resident, the importance of visitors and outside family is vital to many residents mental health. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Basham witnessed many residents suffer from lack of contact to the outside world due to government mandatory lockdown.

Thankfully, however, with the lockdown being over, Basham said visits from outside family and friends are strongly encouraged at the facility. 



Basham said Life Care Center of Rochester have also been very blessed by community involvement given by volunteers. 

From church every Sunday, with pastors volunteering from local churches in rotation, to arts, crafts, and entertainment like local musicians playing music, each engagement brought from outside community members also brings a sense of normalcy to residents.