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Pulaski County Tribe (PCT) to unveil community mural project

Pulaski County Tribe (PCT) is excited to announce the upcoming reveal and public dedication of a new mural in the Star City Community Park.

Driven by a shared vision to foster a strong sense of place and pride within Pulaski County, PCT embarked on another enhancement project that engaged the community's creative spirit. Through a public voting process, community members selected the mural's subject.

The mural, a product of collaborative efforts, showcases the collaboration between PCT, the Star City Lions Club, and Hoover Construction. Primary funding for the project was made possible through PCT's fundraising initiatives, bolstered by a generous grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, The Arts Federation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The culmination of this collaborative endeavor will be celebrated with a special public event on Saturday, August 19. The activities will commence at 9 a.m., providing the community with an opportunity to observe the artist in action as the mural takes shape. The highlight of the day will be a public dedication scheduled for 2 p.m., accompanied by a delightful light picnic, offering attendees a chance to mingle, take photos, and embrace the pace of Pulaski County while connecting with neighbors. 

PCT extends a warm invitation to all community members, residents, and visitors to join in this celebration. The mural not only exemplifies imagination and artistic expression but also serves as a tangible representation of Pulaski County's collective aspirations.

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