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Harvesting and Storing Seeds Workshop at FCPL

Fulton County Public Library Makerspace in Rochester is hosting a “Harvesting and Storing Seeds Workshop,” 4:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12, in Meeting Rooms A and B, 320 W. Seventh St.

The workshop, led by Ebony Nava, will cover how and when to harvest seeds, best seed storage practices, and why saving your own seeds is beneficial for your local community.

Attendees will learn the important differences between annual and biennial produce crops and work with some common veggie garden seeds and self-pollinating fruit trees in a hands-on setting.

Nava will also impart some of the history of small cultivation, how people have preserved seed varieties in the US and elsewhere, past and present.

All ages are welcome; in fact, Sept. 12 is Grandparents Day, and attendees are encouraged to bring a grandparent or grandchild for an enriching intergenerational activity.

All materials will be provided. Participants are also encouraged to bring a very ripe fruit vegetable (those that produce seeds inside the parts you eat.)

To register, call the library at (574) 223-2713.